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The crawler - get to know your system again!

The crawler is an expandable edge computing platform that makes it possible in a fascinatingly simple way to record, evaluate and make further available all relevant data directly on the system.

Not only do you quickly gain new and deep insights into how your systems and processes work, you also benefit from advanced functions such as digital documentation, machine learning and cloud connectivity.

Create added value.

The advantage of the crawler is the amalgamation of control technology, gateway technology, an integrated app concept and an easy-to-use web user interface.

Thanks to its modular, expandable concept, small applications, but also complex digitization solutions that include complete production, can be implemented quickly and individually. The crawler is therefore an ideal pioneer and starting point for the digitization of your manufacturing processes. 

The crawler contains pre-installed functions that can be used immediately, such as connectivity to SIEMENS PLCs controls, Modbus devices and OPC UA servers. At the same time, it allows the expansion to include other customized functions such as specific connectors, condition monitoring or load management. It is adaptable and expandable for individual applications and usage scenarios.

With the crawler you can

Lower costs through:

  • Increase in productivity by avoiding overloads, planning downtimes, faster troubleshooting and targeted alarms
  • Use of innovative work and documentation methods
  • Validation of investments Identification and verification of weak points
  • Cost-efficient overall concept

Optimizing systems and processes through:

  • Transparency and unique system knowledge through data aggregation, histories, evaluations
  • Machine learning
  • Providing relevant information (internal and external)
  • More simple operating concepts, «plug & play»
  • Connection & integration of mobile devices

The Crawler - product video (german version).

Documentation and downloads

  • Discovery Tool (for automatic detection of crawlers installed in the network)

Use Cases

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