Warehouse management

Support of warehouse processes with individual hand scanner applications and forklift terminals - automatic detection of articles and products by barcode or RFID

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Motivation of Warehouse managment solutions

Manual data entry is prone to errors - so it should be avoided if possible! These processes are automated with handheld computers and forklift terminals. By using industry standards, data can also be automatically processed across companies. This means that storage is reduced to two scans - the label and the storage location.

Terminals permanently installed on forklifts show the warehouse worker all the necessary information. As an example products are sorted according to the best-before date or certain articles are blocked. All processes can also be carried out with mobile data terminals or smartphones.

Barcode (GS1-128)
In addition to the EAN (GTIN), much more information can be saved in the barcode. For example, the NVE enables unambiguous identification and batch and production data can be imported automatically.

The RFID technology enables this data to be recorded even without visual contact - if necessary also completely autonomous! Status data can also be saved directly on the transponder.


Software system and functionalities

Create storage locations and record warehouse movements directly on site. Check and document the quality of the incoming deliveries. Keep an eye on your current inventory whether on the PC or mobile.

The warehouse application runs entirely in the browser, so it can be used on any number of end devices without complex software distribution.

Nevertheless, a permanent server connection is not necessary - you can also work offline using modern technologies. The warehouse movement is sent to the server as soon as a WLAN access point is available or a cell phone connection is available.



  • Current overview of the inventory in the web browser and on smartphones
  • Support of warehouse processes with handheld computers or forklift terminals
  • Connection to forklift scales
  • Quality controls at goods receipt including photos
  • Overview of consumption at the processing plants
  • Parsing of GS1-128 barcodes and display of the contained data on the display
  • Temporary storage of warehouse movements
  • Enter additional information such as B. Storage level
  • Warehouse search by article number or designation and sorting according to any criteria
  • Blocking of storage spaces or products
  • Connection to third-party systems (article database, reports and warnings, delivery notes)
  • User administration
  • Inventory correction
  • Server functionality in your data center ("on-premise") or hosted


Technical Implementation

The final technical implementation strongly depends on the individual requirements of our customers and, based on experience, varies very widely.


Examples of completed projects

  • Management of an external warehouse for waste paper processing with quality control for incoming goods and mapping of all warehouse processes using hand scanners 
  • Tracking of products in the food industry with web-based warehouse management software.
  • Tracking of complete manufacturing and life cycle of EURO-pallets for a pallet producer with several sites in Europe
  • Automatic order and goods delivery tracking with integrated quality checking for an OEM car parts manufacturer

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