Digital Solutions

We create customized software solutions in the areas of production data acquisition, IoT and logistics and material tracking. Also, we develop complex database systems, interfaces and gateways, individual web applications, software for mobile devices and embedded systems.

Our software solutions optimize industrial processes of high quality and energy conscious, monitor data from the production and assist in the documentation and proof of compliance with the legal obligations. In addition, we develop complex database systems, if necessary interfaces and gateways, individual web applications, as well as software for mobile devices and embedded systems.

poduction data acquisition

Production and process data acquisition

Even though we are automation specialist we offer software services, we develop individual solutions developed by us on the basis of a modular system.  However, not only in the field of production and operating data acquisition, but also complete collection and reporting function.

  • Customer-specific applications for production and process data acquisition applications, as well as operating data acquisition
  • Interfaces for Business Process Planning Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Interfaces to automation systems (PLC, DCS)
  • Quality management and tracking of materials (cf. logistics)
  • Database solutions with individual functions such as KPI reports, reporting, Web-based operation, Mobile Apps
  • Energy management solutions

IoT and Cloud

We develop state-of-the-art software solutions and architectures which allow relevant field devices, sensor and system data to easily capture high-performance, to be saved locally, to process and retrieve, display, as well as to higher-level systems and databases. 

With our edge gateway "CRAWLER" not only in the field (on site ) devices and PLC data capture, but we also offer the possibility to log and analyse customer-specific functions in software to add containers and thus the collection and analysis of data from different systems, sensors and systems  to easily individually.

In addition, we support in the conception, evaluation, the creation of cloud-based infrastructures, which manage the devices and the acquired system global data in context. You can use it as the basis for the optimization of your processes - in terms of both quality and energy - and the progress of their operations as well as leading digitalization, as a basis for more efficient maintenance and service processes.

Logistics and Material Tracking

We develop customized total solutions with RFID/identification technologies (such as RFID, BLE, Lora) for the recording, tracking and management of components, assets and charge carriers such as pallets, containers, IBCs or racks.

Our services include:

  • Consulting
  • Process analysis
  • Optimization
  • Complete solutions for detection, localization, warehouse management, asset management, production tracking

Typical application scenarios are:

  • Management of IBCs with Whp and BGV-tests. On the RFID transponders are stored damage and precursors
  • Frame (Container )tracking with electronic delivery notes for the delivery and confirmation by signature and/or photo
  • Container management for special waste
  • Inventory
  • Product tracking

Our toolset

We use the following frameworks, tools and programming languages:

  • C#, Java, Javascript, C++, Python, sql
  • Angular, xamarin, docker, Visual Studio, tick stack, postman, pivotal, git, slack, MS teams

And develop software and solutions for the following operating systems:

  • Linux, Windows, Android

Do you have any questions?

I would be pleased to advise you.

Dr. Andreas Ecklebe
Managing Director

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Fax: +49 (0) 3943 560666