Our Services

Our strength lies in the development of individual solutions, which are specially tailored to the requirements of the customers. Our responsibility is to pay attention "the to whole picture". This makes it possible to create technical solutions together with our customers, the innovative technology results in commercial interests of both sides.


Complex automation solutions from the PLC to the supervisory control system

As automation we have witnessed a rapid technological development. Especially in the area of software and the use of IT technologies, there is a high potential for innovation. It doesn’t always makes sense, however, to immediately follow the current technical development trends. For our customers, we therefore always check what technical solution makes sense for them. Is the application of a conventional PLC control or the use of a PC-based software control the better way? Together with our customers, the advantages and disadvantages are weighed and implemented accordingly.

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Digital solutions

Customer-specific software solutions

Our solutions optimize industrial processes of high quality and energy effecent, monitor data from the production and assist in the documentation and proof of compliance with regards to legal obligations. We create customized software solutions in the areas of product data, acquisitions, Iot, logistics and material tracking. Therefore, we develop complex database systems, interfaces and gateways, individual web applications, software for mobile devices and embedded systems. Same as Computer science page.

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